Get an Idea Notebook to Plan your Dream Career


Get an Idea Notebook to Plan your Dream Career

by Luzia Light

1. Get a beautiful new notebook for the sole purpose of exploring your dream job.

2. Carry said notebook in your purse or bag wherever you go. Add: pens, felt pens, scotch tape, scissors etc. (optional)

3. Make entries in your notebook as inspiration strikes throughout the day. You may come across an ad in a magazine or a power word on a flyer. Cut them out and tape them into your notebook. You may have a conversation with someone or read something online and suddenly get a fantastic idea for the kind of work you want to be doing. Write it in your notebook.

4. Make mind maps, draw diagrams. Doodle and let your subconscious express itself. Write with your non-dominant hand and see what happens.

5. Journal in your notebook. Just write in a stream of consciousness kind of fashion where you don’t think and censor much. Or explore questions such as:

- What am I passionate about?
– When I was a kid, what did I say I wanted to become when I grew up?
– In my wildest dream, what would my career be?
– How much money do I want to earn, like, seriously?
– If money wasn’t an issue at all, how would I spend my time?
– What do I have to offer that is of value to others?
– When I have free time, what am I naturally drawn to doing?
– What do others say I’m really good at?

6. Even if you already work in your dream job, you may want to explore ways in which you can improve your work life. Maybe you want to earn more money? Work with more like-minded people? Work in a different part of town? Do what you’re doing now but work from home? Add more responsibilities or utilize your true talents more? Write about all that in your fabulous new notebook!

7. Do this for an entire month and look at your collection when the time is up. What have you discovered about yourself? What changes would you like to make? What are you truly passionate about? Make an action plan. Once you know in which direction you want to go, it will be so much easier to find the steps that lead you to your dream goal.

Have fun!

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Imi Ola – The Hawaiian Way of Finding your Life Purpose

MARCH: Healing our Work Life
This month we will be exploring finding our life purpose, following our passion and living a meaningful, happy life while earning a great income. Welcome to the journey. (-:


Imi Ola – The Hawaiian Way of Finding your Life Purpose

“When we practice ‘Imi ola‘ as a personal value, we create and fulfill our own destiny. We learn that our very purpose in life is to seek the highest form of our well-being. This is not selfish, but expressive: To ‘Imi ola is to define and celebrate your gifts as you breathe the best working form into your actions, growing into the person you’re meant to be, the person you can most generously share with others through your Aloha Spirit. At work, you seize the well-being of ‘Imi ola’ through livelihood, and the form you give every effort. As a verb, you actively practice ‘imi ola’ by constantly seeking the best form you can actively apply to each stage of your life. As a noun, you make it your visionary goal: You conceptualize and design ‘Imi ola’ as the person you want to become, the project you want to complete, and the mission you want to materialize.” ~ Rosa Say

IMI OLA – to seek your best life 

1. Be curious. ‘ Niele’
Know you have a purpose. If it isn’t clear to you be curious and know that life is about uncovering this truth. Embrace the moments that help reveal it to you.

2. Be silent. ‘Hamau’
Your life path and purpose as well as your passions reside deep within you. Quiet the mind. Eliminate thoughts that cause distractions. It is in silence that your intuition speaks to you.

3. Be guided. – ‘Mana’
In silence, your inner voice is heart – hear it. For it alone can give you the directions for your path. Honoring it leads to one’s destiny being fulfilled and true happiness being achieved.

4. Be open. ‘Huna’
Allow room in your life for change. The unexpected events in our lives are the catalysts for a journey far exceeding the limits of our own imagination. Understanding your path by embracing change and seizing opportunities requires intuition and an open mind.

5. Be humble. – ‘Ha ‘aha’ a’
Realize things happen for a reason.  They may not be understood in the present but their intent will be uncovered in the future. Rust in this and yourself. Everything has a purpose.

6. Be grateful. - ‘ Mahalo’
Life is a gift. Cherish every breath, every heartbeat. Your spirit is in the physical world to complete a journey, to awaken you to your soul’s intention. Live in gratitude rather than in distraction.

7. Be happy. – ‘Hau’oli’
Happiness is found through living the life that was meant for you. Reveal it through curiosity, silence, intuition and an open mind that fills your day with gratitude and thrives in the absence of an ego.

8. Be generous. – ‘Spirit of Aloha’
The spirit of ‘Aloha’ is an authentic kindness and love for all people and the land that sustains them – ‘malama aina’ is hawaiian for ‘preserve the land’. Everyone has a gift, discover it and be generous with it.

~ author unknown (source:

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How to Fall in Love with Your Life


How to Fall in Love with Your Life

by Luzia Light


Relationships are really the number one most important thing in life, there is just no contest. The foundation of a life of happiness and contentment is the relationship you have with yourself, the love you have for others and the connection you have with God, the Universe and your Higher Self, whatever you want to call the source of love and life. Nurture the relationship with yourself by respecting your need for rest, relaxation, fun and following you heart. Dress to express your true self, wear clothes that make you feel confident and strong. Live in harmony with your values. Feed your body healthy, nutritous meals and drinks. Be good to yourself. Nurture your relationship with your significant other by planning date nights once a week. Get a babysitter if you have kids. Say ‘I love you’ often. List things that you appreciate about him/her. Focus on the positive. Praise, don’t criticize. Instead of getting annoyed, find the humour in a stressful situation. Nurture the relationship with your friends and family by connecting often through phone calls, emails, coffee meetings, dinner parties, giving little gifts and sending birthday cards. Connect to your community, get to know your neighbours. Commit random acts of kindness. And nurture your relationship with the universe by meditating every single day. Communicate with the Divine by asking questions and listening for answers. Make it a daily ritual. Say (e.g.): Dear Great Spirit, what do you want me to know today?


Having a sense of humour means being able to laugh at—or at least see the humor in—life’s absurdities. If the stress in your life lets you forget sometimes to laugh, then dedicate some time to expose yourself to humour. Schedule it in your calendar if you have to. Watch comedies, go to your favourite humour website for jokes, hang out with people who make you laugh. Get together with your best friends for the sole purpose of sharing funny memories from the past or watching funny movies together. The more ridiculous the better. Try this: Set yourself a specific goal of finding 5 funny things every day for the next week (or two).  If I were to pay you $500 for every funny thing you noticed in the day, you know you’d find plenty of things to laugh at—because you would be actively looking for them.  They’re there waiting for you.  Just put looking for them on the “front burner” for one week and see what happens. Write down the essence of the funny thing that happened as soon as you can.  Writing it down strengthens the habit of noticing it.


Your life needs a soundtrack! What kind of music to you like to listen to? Surround yourself with that. Play music yourself. Learn a new instrument. Play music together with other wanna-be musicians. Make up your own songs. Go dancing. Take a dance class. Dance naked in front of your pet. Sing in the shower. Go to concerts, stop and listen to street musicians. There needs to be music in your life.


Adopt the rule of one. Think: consolidate.
• consolidate your debt
•  have only one bank
•  go grocery shopping only once a week
•  clean your home only once a month (hire out if you can)
•  do laundry only once a week
• put like things with like things into one place: all office supplies into your office area, all food into the kitchen, all clothes into one closet (add shelving if needed)
• keep all cleaning supplies in one area
• keep all books in one shelf
• have only one storage area – if it’s full, then it’s time to donate. Storage really should be only for christmas trees and luggage. If you don’t use something, donate it.
• have only one to do list.
• have one notebook in which you write everything: from ideas, lists, phone numbers to diary entries, diagrams and life plans.
• schedule your appointments in one calendar, either digital OR paper.
• keep all children’s toys in one area. Get one big shelf with baskets for sorting lego and cars, books go on the shelf without a basket and stuffed animals go on top of the shelf. Done.
• Utensils: Have only one hammer, one spatula, one toaster etc.
This is the new Power of One. (-:
Always think: how can I simplify my life more so I have more time for fun?


  • Go on adventures. Make travel plans. Adventure really is just the opposite of routine. Anything that can get you out of your day-to-day rut has the possibility to infuse your life with excitement.
  • Do nothing. Rest, relax, listen to the birds sing in the trees and let the sun shine on your beautiful face.
  • Write a bucket list and start checking some of those things off that list!
  • Be present. Live mindfully. Acknowledge and appreciate the wonderful and often little things in your life.
  • Savour your food.
  • Create simple meals from scratch. Have a list of effortless mid-week recipes that don’t involve several layers of packing and microwave instructions. Like stir-fry veggies and rice noodles and tofu. Keep it simple.
  • Listen to the radio when you make dinner in the kitchen. Have a glass of wine.
  • Breathe. Become aware of smells. Open the window and breathe in fresh air.
  • Learn new things. Take a course in something you always wanted to learn. If not now, when? Meet like-minded people while you’re there! Maybe go back to school full-time.
  • Carry a notebook wherever you go and write down ideas, thoughts, plans for world domination etc.
  • Take pictures throughout the day with your camera. Collect and share them on instagram or just keep them for yourself. Create a visual diary of your life.
  • Dress to express who your really are. Glamour? Comfort? Avant-garde? Conservative? Minimalist? What is YOUR style? If you feel confident in your clothes, your whole mood changes and you live your day from a place of authenticity and inner strength. It really makes a big difference.
  • Have glass of champagne or some other treat in the middle of the week, just because. Because you are celebrating your life – at all times.
  • Make exercise a natural part of your daily activities. Walk to the store. Bike to work. Park further away so you need to walk more. Use the stairs. Dance while you vacuum.
  • Take a break. Schedule Me-time into your day, every day! Take time in the middle of the day to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and read something fun like a magazine or delicious novel. Have a healthy snack. Take a 20 minute power nap if you need it. Ask yourself every day: what do I need to feel good today?


Pay attention to the neighbourhood you live in. How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel comfortable, safe and happy? If not, could you live in a different area that would suit your needs and wants better? How do you feel about your home? Is it your dream home? If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can still control the look of your home a lot! Simply by

  1. decluttering
  2. cleaning
  3. decorating with furniture, artwork etc. from second hand stores or garage sales.

Go to pinterest and search for decorating boards. Find out what you love and copy it as best as you can.


There is work that you love to do. If you don’t know what it is, make every effort to find out. Take aptitude tests online. Do some soul searching. You already know what it is, you probably just forgot or buried it beneath a mountain of guilt, shoulds, denial and obligations. If you can’t work full time at what you really want to do, lean into it. Do a bit every day, or every week and expand from there.


To fall in love with your life, you need to focus on LOVE. Do things you love to do. Set priortities around the people, things and activities you love. Make time for love. If not now, when? Write your own Falling-in-Love-with-Life list. It’s very personal. These are just some ideas to get you started.

Have fun!

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Love Yourself Unconditionally


“I am an amazing creation of love. This body, I have been given, is a home to my spirit. This is the only body that I have and so I choose to nurture it with nutritious food. I always listen to my body. I am gentle with it. I rest when I need to.

I treat myself with kindness and love everyday. I take time to be still and silent often. I only ever speak positive words about my wonderful self. I completely love, accept and respect myself at all times.

I am a miracle. I am eternally loved. I am cared for. I am treasured. I am a beatuiful spirit. I love myself unconditionally and therefore I am able to love others unconditionally.”

~ author unknown

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100 Things I Love


by Luzia Light

Stress, annoyances, gossip, complaints and criticism don’t add anything valuable to our lives. Yet, somehow we keep thinking about these negative things, we keep talking about them, hearing about them and reading about them. So, to counteract all this negativity we encounter way too often during our day-to-day life, today let’s think about things we love. Focus on love. Feel your heart expand as you try to come up with 100 things you love! Not just like, but looooove. What are you passionate about? What makes your heart expand and sing? What fills you with joy? Listing 100 things you love will surely shift your vibration and your mood. Go ahead, make your day!

Print out this pdf –  100ThingsILove  – for a template to fill in your 100 things you love or just take a plain, big piece of paper and start doodling, drawing, writing. Make yourself a nice big cup of coffee or tea and sit down in a quiet space. Let yourself get lost in that realm of love, where all things wonderful exist.

And here are 100 Things that I Love (in no particular order):

100 Things I Love 

  1. coffee
  2. watching the sun rise from my bedroom window
  3. listening to the train across the water choo-chooing along the tracks and blowing its horn
  4. listening to the birds singing in the trees
  5. Watching the bald-headed eagles fly through our neighbourhood
  6. my laptop
  7. my Smartphone
  8. writing
  9. taking a break during a busy day at a cozy cafe
  10. the smell of vanilla
  11. wood fire places
  12. Bommersheim (my hometown in Germany)
  13. apples
  14. bookstores
  15. my notebook
  16. breakfast in bed
  17. eggs benedict
  18. Dvořák (his music and also just saying his name (Devorjak)…delightful!)
  19. A free day with absolutely no appointments and nothing that needs to be done
  20. emails from good friends
  21. sailboats
  22. dogs
  23. the Rocky Mountains
  24. the West Coast of Canada
  25. painting
  26. my ukulele
  27. my guitar
  28. playing drums
  29. jamming
  30. good food
  31. champagne
  32. reiki
  33. crystals
  34. my angel cards
  35. forests
  36. West Coast beaches in the winter
  37. shells
  38. rocks
  39. wood
  40. trees
  41. flowers
  42. whales
  43. a starry night sky
  44. flying
  45. wind
  46. feathers
  47. Paris
  48. La Bretagne
  49. the opera
  50. crows
  51. dancing
  52. skating
  53. weddings
  54. vanilla ice cream
  55. puzzles
  56. movies that are funny and thoughtful
  57. simplicity
  58. laughing
  59. daisies
  60. Luzia Creek (in Northern Alberta, Canada)
  61. Birkenstock sandals
  62. spaghetti
  63. bunnies
  64. babies
  65. a good conversation
  66. walking barefoot
  67. beach parties
  68. silence
  69. Janis Joplin
  70. writing lists
  71. making vision boards
  72. good design
  73. decorating
  74. hosting parties
  75. The Daily Goddess ;-)
  76. wind chimes
  77. the possibilities of the internet age… amazing!
  78. meditating
  79. vegetables
  80. wolves
  81. owls
  82. school / learning new things
  83. meeting interesting people
  84. garage sales /thrift shops/ flea markets
  85. candles
  86. scarves
  87. postcards
  88. happy endings
  89. hugs
  90. minimalist clothes
  91. mala beads and rosaries
  92. tiramisu
  93. how the body has the amazing ability to heal itself – all the time!
  94. Johann Strauss and his waltzes
  95. every day miracles – when you intent for something to happen or appear, and it just does, just like that
  96. rainbows
  97. down quilts and pillows
  98. good news (As in: ‘Hey, good news… ‘ or: Good news on the news)
  99. Calvin & Hobbes
  100. life


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100 Ways to Praise Yourself and Others


1. Wow!
2. Way to go!
3. Super.
4. You’re Special.
5. Excellent!

6. Great!
7. Well done.
8. I knew you could do it.
9. You must be so proud of yourself.
10. Fantastic.
11. Super Star!
12. Nice work.
13. Looking good.
14. You’re on top of it.
15. Now you’re flying.
16. You’re on fire.
17. You’ve got it.
18. You’re incredible.
19. Good stuff.
20. Perfect!


21. You’re well on your way.
22. How nice.
23. How smart.
24. Good job.
25. I like you.
26. You’re a winner.
27. Remarkable job.
28. Good.


29. Beautiful work.
30. You’re spectacular.
31. You’re so sweet.
32. Very nice!
33. I like you very much. Just as you are.


34. You are unique.
35. You’re da bomb!
36. Super work.
37. You’ve discovered the secret.
38. You figured it out.
39. Fantastic job.
40. You mean a lot to me.
41. Hip, hip, hooray!
42. BINGO!
43. You’re sensational.

44. Very creative!
45. Super job.
46. Fantastic job.
47. Exceptional performance.
48. You are right.
49. That is correct.
50. What an imagination.
51. You’re such a great listener.
52. You are so fun to be with.
53. Outstanding performance.
54. You’re such a good friend.
55. I trust you.
56. You make me happy.

57. You brighten my day.
58. You mean the world to me.
59. You’re a treasure.
60. You’re wonderful.
61. A+ job.
62. You made my day.
63. Way to go.
64. You’re simply the best.

65. A big hug.
66. A big kiss.
67. I love you.
68. Nothing’s gonna stop you now.

69. You did it!
70. You’ve got it going on.
71. You go, girl. (or dude)
72. Marvellous!
73. Good for you.
74. It’s been a pleasure talking to you.
75. Thank you for your help.
76. You’re way cool.
77. You are so inspiring.
78. This is first rate.
79. You really know what you’re doing.
80. Fabulous!
81. Out of this world.
82. Best evah!
83. It’s a masterpiece!
84. Superb!
85. Wicked!
86. Far out.
87. You’re important.
88. You’re amazing.
89. Phenomenal.
90. I like it. I like it a lot.


91. I couldn’t have done it without you.
92. You make the world a better place to live.
93. You are my sunshine.
94. Brilliant!
95. Bravo.
96. Two thumbs way up.
97. Thank you for caring.
98. Stupendous!


99. Extraordinary.
100. You rock!


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Finding the Love Within


Finding the Love Within

by Luzia Light 

“Go beyond yourself. The true meaning of life is love in action. By giving you find true happiness.” ~ Tina Turner

When you truly begin to love yourself, you will not put up with crap anymore! That is what I have discovered. I have never so intensely focused on healing the heart like I have this month, and something just has to shift when you focus on expanding your heart that much, something’s just gotta give!

I recently rewatched the movie “What’s love got to do with it?”, which tells the story of Tina Turner. Amazing movie, if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. What I am always most inspired about is how she grew up in this loveless world, where her mother just left her, then she ended up with a husband who disrespected her and beat her until she bled. Eventually, she comes to a point where she hits rock bottom and is introduced by a friend to buddhism. As far as I know, she is still a buddhist today. Once she began to chant (Nam myoho range kyo!), her energy began to shift, she began to connect to her spirit and divine love. And once she was connected to this energy, she began to love and respect herself which then led to her fighting back and leaving her abusive husband.

And this is what happens to everyone when they connect with their heart and divine love, they begin to love themselves and will not put up with disrespectful behaviour anymore. You stand up and you speak out! For yourself and others. You cannot love yourself and stay in an abusive relationship. You cannot love yourself and be paid minimum wage for excellent and superb workmanship and service. You cannot love yourself and abuse your body with unhealthy food and toxins. You cannot love yourself and let someone talk down to you. You choose between being a victim and being a Goddess (or God). You are divine, and once you are aware of it, you expect to be respected, loved and valued. There just is no other way. Loving yourself will forever change your life. It’s a ritual to be practiced every day. Remind yourself every day: I am one with God/Goddess/AllThatIs. I am divine love.

Today’s Mantra: I am one with God and the Universe. I am divine love.


Today’s Video: Love Within – Beyond
Beyond features four women from different faiths and cultures: Regula Curti, a Christian from Switzerland; Dechen Shak-Dagsay, a Buddhist from Tibet; Sawani Shende-Sathaye, a Hindu from India and TINA TURNER, a self-styled “Buddhist-Baptist” from Nutbush, Tennessee.

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