How to Connect with your Inner Power


by Luzia Light

“Power means to me: standing strongly in your own center and living from your heart.” – SARK

What do you like to do for fun? What activities fill you with joy and excitement? What comes naturally? Who do you admire and why? Live your life purposefully and know that to just be is enough. You are enough. You are here on this planet and that is plenty of purpose already.

Pursuit of Happiness
“Don’t rely on someone else for your happiness and self-worth. Only you can be responsible for that. If you can’t love and respect yourself – no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are – completely; the good and the bad – and make changes as YOU see fit – not because you think someone else wants you to be different.” - Stacey Charter

Personal Fulfillment
“I have seen business moguls achieve their ultimate goals but still live in frustration, worry, and fear. What’s preventing these successful people from being happy? The answer is they have focused only on achievement and not fulfillment. Extraordinary accomplishment does not guarantee extraordinary joy, happiness, love, and a sense of meaning. These two skill sets feed off each other, and make me believe that success without fulfillment is failure. Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.”  - Tony Robbins

Use positive affirmations. Don’t focus on what you don’t want. Stop complaining. Focus instead on what you do want: money, health, a fabulous career and lots of love. Be open and receptive to answers and solutions. Get yourself in a happy place and watch everything in your life fall into place.

Cultivate inner and outer peace. Meditate every day to find your own inner peace and serenity. Let go of resistance and anxiety. Know that you are divinely taken care of.

Live in the moment. Be mindful. Don’t dread the future, dont’ repeat the past. Have integrity, walk your talk.

Do what you love as often as you possibly can. Always tune into your gut feeling. If it feels good, then it’s the right thing to do. Consistently ask yourself: What feels good? What do I want? What do I really want? What makes me feel alive?

Practical Intuition
“When you have a decision to make and want to use your intuition, try this exercise: Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and, if possible, get into a calm, peaceful place. Remain quiet as you allow yourself to feel your physical body. [If there is any tension or discomfort] just notice it without trying to change it or make it go away. Place your hand over your heart. Bring to mind someone or something that you love. Listen to the wisdom of your heart. What is it saying about this situation or decision? Observe your thoughts rather than debating or analyzing them. Trust that you are receiving wise guidance from your intuition. Your answer may simply be to wait, to act or to gather more information. When you feel ready open your eyes. Is there anything you feel prompted to do right now? If so, do it. If not, stay centered. Intuitive information often comes when you least expect it! You might feel guided to pick up a specific book and find your answer there. You might turn on the radio at just the right time and hear an interview that addresses your concerns. The Universe has all sorts of amazing ways to guide you. Be patient and trust that all that you need is being provided.” - Lynn A. Robinson

To find your power you need to stop from hurrying and rushing and stand still sometime. Just be with yourself. Enjoy some alone time. Go within. Breathe deeply. Feel the connection to the life energy that is all around you and that you are part of.

Celebrate your life. Have fun, savour the happy moments, be grateful for all the good in your life. Acknowledge how awesome it is to be alive. Celebrate with the people you love. Dance, sing, eat, drink, be merry.

Personal Power
Stand in your power. Do not be a victim, choose instead to acknowledge your divine heritage and that the Universe always has your back.

Power of Love
“Faith is power. It keeps you from sinking into victim consciousness and lifts you to positivity, which attracts more positive outcomes. Your faith in love doesn’t determine love’s power but it does determine whether or not you will experience that power.” – Marianne Williamson

Planning your Life
You are the creator of your life. You may feel like a helpless victim at times, but you have a lot more power over your life then you may realize. If you have health issues, live a healthier lifestyle. Make a plan. What would that look like for you? Trust that your body can heal itself. If you have money issues, keep track of your income and expenses. Make a plan. Ask a financial advisor, open a savings account and name it ‘Financial Freedom’. Go back to school and get a better job. There are always solutions. If you have issues with love relationships, love yourself first. Be good to yourself. Treat yourself like you want others to treat you. If you are caring and kind to yourself, you will attract people who will treat you in the same way. To find love, love yourself first. Design your life how YOU want it to be to the best of your abilities. Take a first step. You’ve got the Power!


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Create an Organization Station in your Home


by Luzia Light

Dedicate a space somewhere in your home to capture the bits and pieces of life that are happening right now and can’t be filed away just yet. It’s a revolving display of miscellaneous documentation, a communication center for the goings on of life. Dedicate a wall or a corner by your entrance or in the kitchen of your home or any other place you pass by often. An organization station is really great for big families, but even if you live by yourself, it creates a lot of simplicity in your life to have all of the important information and notes displayed in just one place and not in little pieces of paper all over your home, in cupboards and bags and notebooks. This is is one place where you find anything important that’s relevant in your life right now. It helps you to clear your head and find inner peace and calm. Just say ‘Om’.

Things you may want to display in your Organization Station:

- place a little table, a desk, shelf or simply use an area of your kitchen counter

- hang a pin board, a chalkboard or magnet board or all three

- display a beautiful wall calendar

- have two trays: an in basket for works in progress and an out basket for filing.

- place a small box or something similar for your mail

- a container, glass, vase, jar or can for pens, sharpies and felt pens in various colours.

- dedicate a drawer or small box, container or mason jar for scissors, glue stick and scotch tape.

- have stapler and hole punch handy

- a big binder to collect important papers, with colour dividers to separate all the areas of your busy life: current financial papers, to do school projects, car insurance renewal, bills, etc., anything that still needs to be addressed and can’t be filed away yet.

- an exit drawer! This is can be an actual drawer or simply a box or basket where you collect everything that needs to leave the house, like library books, purchased items you need to return to the store, items to be donated to charity, things you borrowed from your neighbours or friends etc.

- other items you may want to keep handy: index cards, sticky notes, paperclips

- tray or hooks for keys

- hooks for bags or backpacks

- hooks for masking or washi tape

- cell phone chargers

- a hanging file basket for coupons, gift cards or take out menus

- hang clip boards on the wall to display weekly planners, charts, school schedules, your weekly meal schedule, daily today list etc.

Things you may want to display on your memo boards or hanging file baskets: 

- important telephone numbers

- party invitations

- receipts for items needing to be returned

- bills to be paid

- application forms to be filled out

- due date slips for library books

- appointment note cards (dentist etc.)

- a list of current issues to tackle

- a “one list”, a list of absolutely everything that you want to buy or do at some point in your life, this could include items on your ‘bucket list’ like travel to Paris for your wedding anniversary, or swim with dolphins in Hawaii etc.

- family chores

- grocery shopping list

- a weekly (or monthly) cleaning schedule

- a list of things that need to be repaired

Paint the wall a funky colour, or cover it in fabric or corkboard. Add framed photos and inspirational quotes. Be creative! Have fun!


day planner

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If You Build It, They Will Come


by Luzia Light

When you have a dream or goal in mind or in your heart, the first steps could be to simply

  1. pretend you already have what you desire,
  2. prepare for it,
  3. create space for it.

If you want to start a home business, create a beautiful and functional office space in your home. If you want a higher paying job, dress for the job you want, not for the one you have. If you are looking for a loving relationship, create some space in your closet for his or her clothes, empty a drawer in your dresser, get an extra chair for your dining table, set up a second night stand etc. If you are good and ready for a nice tropical vacation, buy a new bathing suit, beach towel, sunglasses and sun tan lotion. If you need more money, find an empty jar and dedicate it for your savings. If you only put 25 cents in it every day, it’s a start! Focus on the solution, not the problem. Expect your dreams to manifest with joyful anticipation. Act as if it’s already happening, know that all your desires will come true if you just release your doubts and worries and fears.

Today’s Mantra: If I build it, it will come.



Today’s Video: If you build it, he will come – from Field of Dreams (1989)


Dear fabulous Goddesses and Gods,

when I named my blog “The Daily Goddess” over 2 years ago, I really liked the name, but also realized that daily means, well, to post daily. And so I did. Posting daily inspirational messages is a beautiful ritual that sets the tone for the day. I really loved it. However, then life happens. So, during the last few weeks a lot of ‘life happened’ to me, and I simply couldn’t put up with the daily postings. For now I will post weekly, on Monday mornings, at least it’s a positive message for the beginning of the week. I might go back to daily postings at another time, when “less life happens”. I know you all understand. (-: 

Thank you so much for reading my little blog and I hope you continue having fun getting inspired to live a life you love.

Much love, peace, happiness to you,
‘The Daily Goddess’

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Follow the Path of Joy


“To find your desired outcome, follow the path of joy. Your life’s purpose is supported by the joy and passion you feel when you’re thinking about or working on your purpose. The joy that you feel within relationships keeps them alive, exciting, and growing. The joy that comes from your hobbies gives you extra energy. Of all the emotions, joy has the highest energy vibration. Joy has the power to remove all obstacles and attract all of your needs. Joy reminds us that we needn’t suffer at all. We can fulfill our purpose, help ourselves and others, and heal through the power of joy.”

~ Goddess Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mantra: To find your life’s purpose, do what brings you joy.


image: Maitraya, the Laughing Buddha, lived as a Buddhist monk who was renowned for his compassion and generosity.

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Everything that you want, you are already that


“Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript oƒ a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.
This universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you are already that.”

~ Rumi

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Visualize a Successful Day

Open Door, Brittany, matisse

“Imagine yourself enjoying success in every situation today. See yourself smiling and having fun as everything goes your way. Feel the emotions of elation and joy as every door opens for you and know that others are inspired by your triumphs. Visualize having a rewarding day as a gift to yourself. Your positive expectations are seeds planted in your favor, which will successfully grow into uplifting experiences.”

~ Goddess Doreen Virtue

Today’s Mantra: It’s safe for me to thrive and I allow myself to do so.

______________________________________________________________painting: ‘Open Door’, Henri Matisse, 1896, Brittany

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Transform your Fear into Something Beautiful 


“Fear comes from the ego mind, and the ego mind is not part of the heart. The heart is filled with love and Divine inspiration; it is the source of good, wonderful, creative emotions in life. When we are in fear, we are not in the heart. We are in our ego mind and, really, our fear has come to show us that there is something in our ego mind that needs to be dealt with, that needs to be identified so that we can heal it.

In the shamanic way of healing fear, you learn how to understand what the true source of the fear is, as opposed to all the scary stories your ego mind is telling you. Once you identify that source – your feelings of low self-worth, no self-confidence, the belief that you are helpless and perhaps even hopeless in the situation – you take what you find down into your heart, where you transform it with the Divine Love of the Universe. You transform it into something beautiful, into an integrity of spirit.”

~ Goddess Lynn Andrews

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